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Sweden Travel Photos

stockholm. aerial photo.
Aerial photo of Stockholm - Full size

Sweden travel photos. Powerpoint Designs.

Despite its northern latitude, most part of Sweden territory has a temperate climate, mainly due to the influence of the Gulf Stream. In southern Sweden, broadleaved trees are prolific, and in the north are the pines and birches that dominate the landscape.
In the mountains of northern Sweden,  predominates sub-Arctic climate. In North of the Arctic Circle, the sun never sets during the summer. In winter it's night without end.
Sweden shares land borders with Norway in the west and Finland to the northeast, as well as being linked to Denmark by the Oresund Bridge in the south.

Stockholm metro pictures

100 subway stations and wonderful painting art decoration. An example to be followed. Beauty and culture, make us feel happier. Background music by Clayderman - Aline. Subtitles in English and Spanish
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Scandinavia pictures. Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden

The charm of the Nordic countries. Photos of Flam in Norway, fiords, lakes, snow mountains in Sweden Finland and Denmark. Tranquility on pictures slideshow and relax piano music.
Scandinavia photo gallery travel. Pictures on free slideshow pps extension file. 4.6MB
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Just for those ones that the cold isn't synonymous of cool, avoid winter. But,... winter landscapes has its unsurpassed beauty.

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