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Pictures of Spain - Travel to medieval Spain - Cultural Tourism

Sacred Family cathedral of Antoni Gaudi
Sacred Family. Full size Picture

Spanish cathedrals

The most beautiful cathedrals of Spain.
A holiday by the beautiful Spanish cathedrals as:
Burgos, Leon, Palma de Mallorca, Santiago de Compostela, Zaragoza, Toledo, Sevilha, Malaga, ...
English to Spanish translated.
Power point with music. Song Ave Maria by Luciano Pavarotti and Roberto Carlos. File size - 9.7 MB.

Algeciras and Gibraltar rock

Situated south of Spain bordering the Mediterranean Sea from where you can see Morocco in northern Africa. Fun situation:
- In Gibraltar the transit of cars is stopped so that planes can use the common airstrip.
Spain ceded Gibraltar Rock to the Crown of Great Britain in perpetuity, under the 1713 Treaty of Utrecht.

Power point presentation with sound. File size - 5.8 MB

Medieval Spain

Travel to Spain and preview photos of of cities coming from medieval age with its architectural structure preserved.
Treasury and monumental landscape of cities and towns in Spain. The best vacation. Power point presentation presented with medieval music. Rumores de la Calleta - Alley rumors
Powerpoint size - 8.6 MB. Free slide show presentation PPS / PPT Travel Photography.

Segovia pictures.

Travel to Spain trough these beautiful tourist photos of Segovia. Pictures of castles, Roman ruins, statues, stained glass, the well conserved Roman aqueduct, etc. Hotels in Segovia are cheap and beautiful.
3.5 MB Segovia pictures in Spain.

Toledo photos with snow.

See on Google map where is Toledo in Spain. Ancient medieval small tourist town, before occupied by Moors and Romans. Beautiful pictures on winter with snow covering all city. Instrumental guitar sound music background.
Photo Slideshow about Toledo in Spain. 8.3MB

Barcelona photos

Photo gallery with 69 pictures of Barcelona. Gaudi architecture buildings as Sacred Family, casa batllo, mosaics, LA Dona I L’Ocell of Joan Miró, Escorxador square, catalonia pictures in general, Dragon street, views of Barcelona from Montjuic, Nacional and music palaces, Spain park, La Boqueria market,  and so on.
Enjoy  Barcelona / Catalonia. Visit on PowerPoint presentation. 8.0 MB PPS File size.

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