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Travel to Portugal PPT. Portugal tourism. Visit Portugal.


Monasteries and Shrine in Portugal

Flash slideshow on the left, shows 52 pictures of Portugal in:

Our Lady of Fatimah / Fatima shrine; Alcobaca and Batalha  monasteries built on Gothic style; Bom Jesus of Braga ( Good Jesus of Braga) and Sameiro shrine in Lamego north Portugal, as well Jeronimos monastery in Lisbon, Portugal.

View the rock statues, tiles work, stained glass since ancient middle age artwork.

Except Fathima shrine, a modern construction, all other art buildings were made on middle age, when catholic religion dominates all and every ones.

Jeronimos monastery was built in order to thanks the well succeeded Portuguese discovers to India in 1300 years. Manuelino style building. Full screen is better.

 Photo gallery of monasteries and shrines in Portugal. 42 pictures. Optimized to Chrome and Firefox.



Nations Park Lisbon

Travel to Lisbon and enjoy Tagus river, ALL restaurants, landscapes, aquarium, gardens, multi uses pavilion show, a great holiday, various art expositions, casino and shopping center. ALL up to 2 Kms  Lisbon airport. The best vacations.
This park has 5 Kms long by 2 Kms large.
Powerpoint size - 6.7 MB. Free photo gallery Travel, on power point pictures slide show.  Lisbon.

Azores islands photos

Travel to Terceira Azores. Azores is a 9 islands group. One of the earth paradises in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, between Portugal and United States of America. Have a calm and quiet vacation in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, where the nature is King and Queen. Photo gallery travel on Azores.
Powerpoint size - 7.3 MB. Free travel photos power point presentation.

Portugal casinos

There are  9 casinos located in Portugal, since North - Chaves city- up to Algarve, South Portugal. Estoril casino, near Lisbon, is an European reference, because is the great one in Europe. Hundreds gambling machines, located into a beautiful tourist place and ALL other casino games. Near Lisbon airport ( 2 Kms) at Parque das Nações business center, Lisboa casino is also a very sought one. Great and amazing space leaning on the Tagus river right margin. In Algarve you may find 3 casinos located in  Monte Gordo, Vilamoura and Praia da Rocha ( Portimão).
Visit Portugal, travel to Portugal.

About Portugal and its potencial

Spotlight showing some reasons to know Portugal and the Portuguese people. The country of sailors and seas discover. Travel to Portugal.
Publicity Power point. PPT file size - 2.5 MB

Camara de Lobos - ( Wolves Camera )

Travel to Madeira island and its amazing nature pictures.
Madeira - Wood - Is an island situated in Atlantic Ocean around 1.000 Kms from Morocco. Here you can see the island map in Google Maps. Madeira is the major stopover for cruisers traveling from Europe to Caribbean islands. The capital of Madeira is Funchal. (Fennel). If you intend enjoy some holidays in Madeira tourist island ALL Flights to Madeira are available from Lisbon.
Powerpoint size - 5.8 MB. Free powerpoint slides with folk music.
Free Software to open PowerPoint presentations, ppt / pps files- Faq: How do you open a pps file?. - pps extension file. - pps powerpoint.  PowerPoint Viewer download and use for free.

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