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Norway travel pictures. Vikings and fjords land. Flam Norway.

Film Flam

Jumping cliff base in Norway. The men can fly.

Visit Norway on travel slides

If you are thinking about some holidays in Norway, take a tour on powerpoint slideshows, for a better decision where to stay to admire the stunning views of this pleasant cold and beautiful country.

Without forget fjords, small towns as Flam, Geilo, Lillehammer,  Geiranger and Lofoten are very wished by tourists to relax with de pure nature and also get some extra adrenaline, over the high rocks and amazing panoramic mountains, valleys and always the stunning fjords views.

Where is Norway? Watch the Norway map by google maps.

On the left top side of this page we can watch the radical sport jumping from the cliffs in Norway near Isfjorden and Svalbard, highest sea cliffs in the world. Pure adrenaline. Learn how to fly watching tis video fly.

Norway and Vikink trips

Travel to Norway, a Scandinavian country in north Europe. Norway may be described as a long, narrow strip of land where the sea penetrates and draws a myriad of fjords, islands and islets. About 4,500,000 inhabitants. Free travel photos of mountains and fjords in Norway.
PPT / PPS file extension. Size - 8.6 MB. Musical power point presentation.

Preikestolen - Pulpit Rock

Norway and its stunning views.  Preikestolen rock is 600 meters vertically over the river. Norway travel pictures. Stop breathing pictures. English and Portuguese subtitled.
2.6 MB power point presentation and Enya background song. Travel slides.

Where is Flam?

Located about 350 Kms from Oslo, Norway capital. Flam is a tourist Norwegian little town with only about 500 inhabitants. The town is placed in the municipality of Aurland, in Sogn og Fjordane.

The name Flam, was called as Flaam in 1340. That means, plain or a flat little piece of land in Old Norse language.

Amazing yourself with this number, 450.000 is the number of tourist visitors a year.

On the flash presentation bellow  we can view  photos of the Flam valley, the village,  spectacular Flamsbana railway (20 Kms) between Flam and Myrdal, railway station, the harbour of Flam with cruisers, mountains, fjords, etc.

Norway winter

Visit Norway on winter over amazing snow landscapes.  Winter in Norway give us the flavor of an unforgettable adventure. Watch the aurora borealis, the ice and  snow view without end, the magic white landscapes. Don't lose this Iceland winter.
Pictures of winter in Norway.
Travel advisor of Norway: Nothing and nothing. A great and peaceful country.
Norway travel reviews: Untouched nature. Unequaled natural beauty of the fjords. Stunning winter, unsurpassed landscapes.
 Aurora borealis and the midnight sun in summer.
Be happy.

Flam cruise. Photo gallery Flash presentation. Flam railway Norway.

Instrumental music

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