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Greece pictures and Greek islands. Travel to Greece.

athens marble sculpture goddess
Athens Goddess Full size Photo

Photos of Greece and islands

Power point presentation of Mount Athos, Saint Nicolaos, Athens, Acropolis, Alonissos island, Santorini photos of Crete. Tourist pictures of Greece and Greek islands. Beautiful Mediterranean Sea. Paradise place. Choose the best places to visit traveling in Greece.
Slideshow with Greek music - File size 6.0 MB

Acropolis museum Greece

Greek Acropolis museum, contains a treasure of millenarian artists sculptures. A brand new museum where we can enjoy statues and ruins of ancient Greece.  Fabulous Greek history told through the art of ancient Greece. Consider a vacation Greece. English and Spanish subtitles.
File size 5.4 MB. Acropolis museum Power point presentation. Music of Menousis, from Arianna Stassinopoulos. Vangelis and Irene Papas voice singer.



Aegean Greece travel tour

Travel to greece islands. Preview photos of: Crete, Symi island, Santorini, Parthenon, Athens, Rhodes, Meteora Monastery, Acropolis, Cyclades islands, travel etc. and have de best decision wich places visit on your vacations.Musical slide show. Artist - Glykeria Song.  Music - Mehri na vrume urano
File size 2.9 MB. Musical presentation pps, ppt.

A little bit about Greek ancient history

Talking about Athens, Sparta, Greece location, and ancient Greek culture. Presentation with instrumental Greek folk music by Kalamantiano Medley.
Ancient Greece slideshow. 3.9 MB. Travel ppt.

Post cards of Greece

Tourist post cards for remember the main places to visit. Enjoy this slideshow with Greeck music.
Slideshow of Greece. PPS / PPT presentation 6.1 MB
Travel advisor: Some public discontent social unrest may happen unexpectedly.
Travel reviews: A very, very cheap vacation. Some precaution with "smartass" and the bill, it's a wise recommendation.

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