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Fatima in Portugal and medieval architecture religious monuments.

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Germany Travel Photos. Small towns paradise. Travel PPT/ PPS.

Cologne cathedral and bridge photo sunset
Cologne cathedral and hohenzollern bridge picture in Cologne , Germany.

Germany places to visit.

Germany travel reviews: Watch some slideshows bellow and there's no need for more reviews.

Germany is known for its environmental awareness. The Germans believe that the man is a major cause of global warming. The country is committed to the Kyoto Protocol and several other treaties promoting biodiversity, low emission standards, recycling, renewable energy and supports sustainable development globally.
The German government has initiated an extensive exercise to reduce emissions. Germany has one of the highest rates of emissions of carbon dioxide per capita in the EU but remains significantly lower compared with Australia, Canada, Saudi Arabia or the United States..

Garmish Partenkirken travel photos.

Amaze yourself with this art painted city in Germany.  The houses are painted with work artist paints. Beautiful and a case to be followed.
Music: Num sagen wir Aufiedersehen. More one wonderful  presentation created by Isabela & Miki Pitish.
Germany travel photos. 5.6MB Powerpoint file size. Travel ppt, pps. Gamish Partenkirken photo gallery.

Lahr and Chrysanthemum festival.

Lahr is a lovely small city located in southwest Germany near France border. Google map location of Lahr. Traditional chrysanthemum festival occurs here all the springs. A piece of paradise.
Germany travel photos slideshow. 5.9 MB PPS / PPT


Travel Hamburg. Preview your vacation trough these pictures presentation of the great tourist city destination in Germany. More than 8 million tourists in 2009. The city of Medieval churches, over 2.300 bridges over stream rivers and channels.
Hamburg pps / PPT Presentation on PowerPoint.

Das Schwarzwald In Germany

Cuckoo clock store and rural clean landscapes. Long life to green and health Schwarzwald panoramic views and their inhabitants. Rural photos of cities in Germany. A piece of paradise in earth. Music by Die Flippers, song Je t'aime heisst ich liebe dich.
Green countryside and healthy Germany landscapes. 4.4MB. Travel slides.

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Travel advisor of Germany: Nothing relevant. Get some euro and say Hello Germany. Be happy.
Hamburg harbour by sunset

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