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London Bridge
London Bridge Full Size photo

Photos of London

This presentation includes a map location of England and pictures of: Big Ben, bridges over Thames river, London eye, gardens, castles, monuments, sculptures, etc.
Musical Power point animation. File size 5.7 MB. Photo gallery Travel. PPS / PPT.

London fog

Best photos of streets, buildings, landscapes and some outerwear clothes. Preview photos and have a good decision choosing the places to visit on your vacation.
File size 7.2 MB. Musical power point presentation. Travel slides.

South West England

Little towns, landscapes and sea views photos. Countryside and the Atlantic ocean in the south of England. Idyllic pictures.
Slideshows powerpoint. 5.5MB. Travel slides PPS.


Travel reviews: England is a beautiful country, where people are truth gentleman.
Just if you don't love too much cold, isn't very cool visit Great Britain in January and February.


Travel advisor: Generally the holidays are cheaper than in France.
Some similarity gastronomy vs United States.
Nothing relevant to say about special precautions.

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