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Women. Sad faces. Online slideshow. Emotion and faces.

Slide show with music - Women's sad faces.

30 pictures photo gallery of sad faces. Full screen option.
Peruvian flute music background. Optimized to Chrome and Firefox.


Heartbroken. You can download for free any one of these sad faces to your Facebook avatar.

Be aware: If you are down tristful, please get out of this page and visit a happier one.
Picture nÂș 1 shows  an image fantasy of a sad girl face in the lake with a green frog.
Number 2, 3 and 4 are black and white photography of women awaiting for someone to love. Their eyes reveal a deep sadness.
Numbers 13, 23 and 24  you can see eyes with tears revealing hard feelings and deep displeasure.
Other ones pictures concern about the same theme showing sadness, physiognomy portrait of misunderstanding and disgust with some not pleasant situation like heartbreak or missing ones. It's a never ending sadness. Sometimes we need be sad. Just sometimes.

Famous and unknown faces.

The famous faces are: Lindsay Lohan, Anna Lynne, Erin Wasson, Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpsons, Nicola Tappenden, Liz Hurley and Christina Applegate.
The faces, online presentation, full screen, women's faces, pictures of faces.

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