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Faces for social networks Avatars. Free pictures of people.

Just right click your favorite picture, choose save as option on the pending menu.
Go to your profile of the social network, choose the picture where you saved it in your computer, and upload. That's ALL. You can also Custom your avatar.

01_piper_perabo_crying_to_jessica_pare.jpg (54524 bytes) 02-sofisticated-face.jpg (70090 bytes) tiffany_joy 04-100-years-face.jpg (108929 bytes)
Piper Perabo
make me cry.
Nice face style. I'm  beautiful lady face. One hundred years candles.
05-lindsay_lohan 06-blue-eyes-face.jpg (125527 bytes) girl-face blue eyes 07-bathroom-face.jpg (56437 bytes)
Lindsay Lohan
forehead wrinkled
Blue eyes face. Blue eyes girl Happy blonde face.
08-bulb_girl_face.jpg (76115 bytes) 09-open-mouth-face.jpg (55580 bytes) 10-bathroom-face.jpg (78718 bytes) 11-surprise-face.jpg (60903 bytes)
Webcam look. Hi.!!! Shit here. Bathroom feature. Bathroom amazing face.
13-what-is-face.jpg (83684 bytes) 14-bride-face.jpg (68240 bytes) 15-smile-little.jpg (97354 bytes) anna_lynne_mccord
She,...She,..Shit!!! Bride face. Call me face. Anna Lynne pose.
17_annalynne_mccord_middia_smile.jpg (105552 bytes) 18_erin_wasson_beach_face.jpg (75586 bytes) 18_erin_wasson_running_face.jpg (45175 bytes) 19_erin_wasson_water_smile.jpg (77556 bytes)
Anna Lynne visage. Beach time Erin Wasson. Erin water and sun. Smiling Erin.
20_piercing_face.jpg (88786 bytes) 21-t_shirt_smile.jpg (101394 bytes) 22-paris_hilton_face.jpg (57501 bytes) 23-paris_hilton_face.jpg (68694 bytes)
Just happy visage. So heat!!! Hot,.. Hot,.. Paris Hilton swim suit. Paris Hilton hat.
jessica_simpsons 25-jessica_simpsons_serious.jpg (85875 bytes) tappenenden_big_brother_nice nicola_tappenden_big_brother_show
Jessica Simpson's serious look. Jessica Simpson's worried face. Tappenden UK Big Brother. Nicola Tappenden Big Brother UK show.
28-nicola_tappenden_big_brother_observing.jpg (84329 bytes) liz_hurley_down_face 30-liz_hurley_nice_face.jpg (103627 bytes) 31-christina_applegate_nice.jpg (93011 bytes)
Nicola thinking. Liz Hurley down eyes Liz Harley smile. Hello face.
32-bride_face.jpg (85802 bytes)      
Bride smiling. Three 3 eyes face.    

Custom your own avatar with one of these pictures.

You need a pictures editor. Don't stress, it's so simple, like this:
1 - Download a free and easy image editor, like Irfan View (I use this software) and install.
This software will be your free avatar maker.
2 - Select an image on this page, left click for a new window with original size of the picture.
3 - Right click the picture and select copy on the pending menu or ( Ctrl+C).
4 - Go to your previous opened IrfanView and paste (Ctrl+V).
5 - Then you may resize (Ctrl+R), change colors, bright, effects and so on the Image top menu.
 ALL size avatar possibilities like: 100x100, 50x50, 64x64, 80x80 and so on.
That's ALL you need to make your own avatar. Your virtual avatar is born. Have fun.
More avatars: Angry faces, Sad faces,

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