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Free pictures of angry faces.

Angry faces: Pics, photos, images. Online slideshow.

 36 pictures photo gallery of angry faces
Auto run online slide show ptimized to Chrome and Firefox

Do you have a picture of yourself with an angry facial expression?

Do you ever seen a discussion between wife and husband?

And a furious baby, or a man pointing the forefinger directly in your face, or a guy yelling on phone call?!!!

Dogs, cats, chimps and other animals also get furious angry sometimes.

 Watch them on this online flash slideshow  while listen Storm music by Vanessa Mae.

Have fun with crazy, angry, emotional faces. Get one of these angry faces for your avatar.

Are you feeling angry now?
I hope you don't. By the way you can watch this angry faces and make an idea of you on the same situation. Have fun and try a happy face.
Online flash slideshow.

And what about sad people?

Not very pleasant to see, but sometimes, all we need pass by this feeling. I think.
Online slide show with instrumental music background



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