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Art online. - Photos. - Professional Photography.

10 pictures of photographers portraits on work time.
Online slideshow photo gallery.  Full screen option.

Take a look at the faces and positions made by those that make their life catching the moments into a camera. These portraits photographers, certainly will make you smile. The bones of work as moments catcher.

Feline eye
Woman feline eyes photography - Full size picture

Professional Phothography.

Photos of professional photographers as:
 - Dator Grafika, Laoen, Allan Teger,  and Rarinda Prakarsa.
This photo gallery slide shows doesn't teach How became a very good professional photographer, but of course can give you a lot of ideas to initialize or continue your work with passion.
 Delight your eyes and remove some stress of your spirit with this amazing quality photos art. Enjoy
. You can start with the story of photography, who made history. Powerpoint art history of photography since the first Known photo. Review also the story of 50 most famous photos.

Allan Teger Photographer

Allan Teger portraitBodyscapes on black and white photos in power point presentation.
Art, imagination and mystic pictures.  The hand painting traditional technique on black and white photograph increase to the emotional quality of the images.
0.5 MB Powerpoint smart art. Professional photos PPS file

Datorgrafika photo creations

Imagination and creativity photography art.
Silence. No stress moments. Enjoy online art quietly and relax.
2.2 MB Photography online slideshow art presentation.



Would you?

Shooting at weddings!
Shooting while on vacation!
Shooting at night or in low light!
Shooting fireworks displays!
Shooting perfect action photos!
Shooting mountain vistas!
Shooting sports events!
Shooting stunning sunsets!
Like a professional photographer?

Listen Wendy Arthur

I love the book. It's not only informative, but you've written it in simple 'novice' terms . You have also covered a lot of ground which is great as a refresher for the pro's or as a learning tool for the beginner. It's concise without a lot of sidetrack rambling as I've seen in some books which have wondered off topic to break into the technical, which I'm glad you didn't do.." Thanks.

Is this matter for you?
Action: Digital Photography Secrets! and be happy.


Poetry without words - Photography art

More one presentation for those who dream became a famous professional photographer. Poetry and photography. No words needed. Beautiful ladies, imagination art and artist soul.  Enjoy these extra quality photos with a saxophone soothing music. Stress relive. Improve the artist inside you. Professional photography. Poses of female art forms with light and shadows. Female art photography.

Powerpoint photo slideshow. 6.0 MB PPT file size.

Are you ready to be a professional photographer? Portraits photographers.



Laoen the German photographer

No comments. Quality and professionalism, let anyone open-mouthed. Relax and enjoy these extra quality photography art. Photography and creative ideas.
4.2 MB Art photos. Free online art.

Rarinda Prakarsa Indonesian photographer

Says Rarindra Prakarsa that the variety of thousands of islands in Indonesia, is an inexhaustible source of images. This photo slide show the  depth dimensions of Indonesian islands forests. Professional pictures of Indonesia traduzido em  Portugues, and translated in English.
2.3 MB Photography online art photos animation .

Anna Kostenko photography

There are two Anna Kostenko. The painter and the photographer. This one is the photographer.
PPT presentation professional photography. 1.7MB

Amazing photography - Exact shoot

Not properly professional photos, but very good for amusing and have funny. Funny photos slideshow  ppt animation.
5.1 MB Funny photos slideshow. Background instrumental music.

Amazing photography - Water dancing

Water dancers and professional  photos into the water. Fine art slideshow.
2.7 MB Photography powerpoint with art and imagination..

Art photography by light and shadows

If you intend be a professional photographer, this presentation, is made for you. How play with light and shadows and get amazing erotic effects. These photos certainly provide imagination and inspiration to improve the artist inside you. Enjoy this picture presentation. Violin instrumental music huge this artistic photo slideshow. Professional photography. Beautiful women art gallery.
2.2 MB Artistic photos. Powerpoint art.

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