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Online auto run sideshows

Wet cats

Chasing cats

Cats pictures


Medieval Kings and Queens

Medieval Queens coiffure

Profissional photographers

Wrought iron decoration


Aerial photos

The Great wall of China

Dubai hotels inside.

Very old and rare photos from India.

Tourist places in Moscow

Nature pictures

Fatima in Portugal and medieval architecture religious monuments.

2010 world cup stadiums and landscpape tourist pictures in South Africa

Amazing winter landscapes

 Moon photos

Happy people and some animals

Pictures of heartbroken sad faces.

Very angry faces pictures

Pictures of famous and unknown faces


Tips PowerPoint

World Photos. Effective powerpoint presentations. Travel Photos

View animated gif  - Earth revolution

Also Satellite Earth and Moon photos.


Our planet on powerpoint photography

Photos of our planet reminding the respect for our earth. Musical slide show and great Song by Dana Winner. Song lyrics subtitles in English and Portuguese translation. Beautiful powerpoint.
Travel slides. Photos power point. Music Conquest of Paradise - 1.6 MB file size.

Tour around the world

Some photos from Africa - Morocco, Libya, Burundi.
More photos from Asia - Yemen, Jordan, Turkey, Laos.
Europe: Photos from Greece, Portugal, England, etc.
Also amazing photos from North and South America.
Effective powerpoint presentatios. File size - 2.6 MB


Aurora borealis - Polar Lights

Beautiful nature photos of our dear planet. Let´s keep it healthy. Photos and lyrics Carmina Burana. Read only powerpoint presentation.
Audio power point. Photos of nature. File size - 2.7 MB

Historic pictures of the world

and human activities. This slide power point presentation, perhaps, has no much world photos.
I said perhaps!!! We humans, have responsibilities over the face of our planet picture. Be happy and make your contribute for others be happy too.
PPT presentation in English and Spanish translated.
Instrumental song - Africa Mix. Presentacion PPS en Ingles y traducido en Espanol.
Photos made history. Powerpoint size - 5.7 MB

The 11th Hour Trailer. 11th Hour

We will respect our planet. We just have to do this to live in peace with our earth. There are solutions more than enough to live hand in hand with nature and enjoy life. Impressive trailer narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio in English language and subtitled in Chinese. Tell your friends. Be one of the members of http://11thhouraction.com. We can and we must change the way we live. Better for us ALL.


Winter photos

Beauty and tranquility winter pictures.
The calm beauty and tranquility through nature pictures. Our amazing planet. The snow, the ice the mountains, the wind, the frozen waters.
You can listen Amazing Grace song while viewing the presentation.  English and Spanish subtitles. PPS presentaciones traducidas de Ingles para Espanol.
Power point presentation. File size  - 1.4 MB

Spring nature pictures

The flowers, the trees becoming green, the birds arriving. That's spring,  the rejuvenate season.
Spring photos with music. Beautiful powerpoint.
ALL free download presentations. Nature on powerpoint pictures. File size - 3.6 MB

Mirror in the water

Beautiful photos were the reflection of the water makes enjoy our eyes. Relax while viewing this anti- stress photos of our beautiful world. More stress relieve pictures and music.
ALL free PPT power point presentations. PPT file size - 1.9 MB

Night Fascination

Photos of the night in some cities of the world, such as: Sidney, London, Hamburg, Berlin, Budapest, Colonia, Prague, Salzburg, Las Vegas, Venezia, etc.
Lyrics and song by Nat King Cole Fascination.
Autorun power point presentation. File size  - 2.6 MB

More landscape pictures from our world

Photos of Antarctic continent, Pacific Ocean, Midnight sun, Iceland geysers, fields in China, etc.
Translated slide show. Subtitles in Portuguese, Spanish and English. Travel slides.
Presentation with piano background music. Nature photography. File size - 3.5 MB

Our wonderful world

Amazing and unforgettable photos of earth planet.
Enjoy and open your mouth. This is our home and what home. Background instrumental music. Spanish powerpoint with subtitles. Translation in Spanish, Portuguese and English.
Powerpoint size - 4.7 MB. High quality slide show.
You can view these free powerpoints listening an envolving song: Cancao do mar ( The song of the sea) by Dulce Pontes, Portuguese singer. Audio begins very low with the roar of a lighthouse and waves swash.

Player button imageSea song by Dulce Pontes Portuguese singer


Our Planet Earth from sky

Satellite photos of earth. Day and night pictures on powerpoint PPS file.
File size - 1.3 MB. Microsoft power point presentation.

Some pictures of neighbors earth planet.

High quality photos of the moon

Our natural satellite. The moon and its faces over wonderful pictures on beautiful powerpoint presentation. Moon photos. Buy land on the moon.
Microsoft power point presentation. File size - 5.3 MB  - PPT

Where are we? How big we are?

Some pictures showing the dimensions of some planets and stars. Space desirable travel. Planet photos. More space photos.
Microsoft power point presentation. PPT file size  - 0.4 MB

The happiest cities in the world.

You may be surprised. This is just one opinion based on travel experience. I hope this pictures make a pleasant remembering in your mind.
Pictures of the cities with more happiness.

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